Cooke Aquaculture CEO featured in second season of Undercover Boss Canada

“This is probably the most radical decision I have ever made. I’m stepping down as your CEO…”

With those words, Glenn Cooke, who, along with his brother Mike and father Gifford, built Cooke Aquaculture into a global leader in seafood production, sent a shock through his executive team and launched his own incredible journey back to the very roots of his multi-million-dollar company.

Glenn did indeed step away from his role as Chief Executive Officer… but only for one week. From May 24 to May 31 Glenn took on the guise of an unemployed forestry worker for his role in Season 2 of the TV series UNDERCOVER BOSS CANADA. With a toupee, goatee and glasses to help hide his true identity, Glenn traveled to Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to work as a mechanic, a freshwater hatchery technician, a salmon farmer, a fish processor and a net mender.

“It was an incredible experience to go undercover for a whole week, to go back into the field to work at jobs I haven’t had time to experience since we were first building this company – and sometimes doing jobs I’d never done before,” Glenn said.

One of the sites Glenn worked on was the brand new Grand Passage site in St. Mary’s Bay, NS. Lead hand Christian Comeau got Glenn involved in all aspects of his job including feeding fish and cleaning pens. He even let Glenn take over the controls of his service vessel and the landing was, well, a little rough. But in the end, everyone was smiling.

Christian Comeau, left, and Glenn Cooke can be seen on Undercover Boss Canada, Thursday, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. (Atlantic) on W Network.

Episode to air Thursday, Sept. 27 at 10 pm (Atlantic time) on W Network

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