Cooke Aquaculture is a family owned and managed company that has operated a sustainable aquaculture business in Atlantic Canada for over 25 years. With North American operations in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Maine, our focus is on creating a business that is environmentally sound, economically sustainable, and provides benefits for the communities in which we operate.

Like any responsible company, we always look to the future. We would like to continue to grow and innovate in Atlantic Canada, and we see an opportunity to build on our business in Nova Scotia. Right now we operate five marine farms in Digby County, five marine farms in the Shelburne Harbour, Jordan Bay and McNutts Island areas, one farm in St. Margaret’s Bay, and one farm near Liverpool. We also have an administration office in Shelburne and a maintenance facility in Sandy Point, Nova Scotia. In addition, we own Northeast Nutrition Inc., which operates a feed facility in Truro, Nova Scotia and AC Covert, a distribution company based in Dartmouth NS.

Working closely with the communities of Digby and Shelburne, we are pursuing the opportunity to create jobs and infrastructure, in a way that works with existing fisheries and recreation in both of these communities. The ongoing investment and expansion of our salt water operations in Digby and Shelburne necessitates the expansion of our feed production. As a result we have begun to expand our feed facility in Truro – creating more employment opportunities and infrastructure in Nova Scotia.

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